Monday, March 10, 2014

She Bends But Doesn't Break. Do You Know Her?


A woman with a story and a sparkle in her eye.

She is young enough to wonder and dream, old enough to plan and protect. She is gracious, self-conscious and watchful, standing with outer composure and inner doubt. Magnetic, surrounded by love that she can’t help but attract.

Her life is full of miracles and spectacles that she is afraid to rely on, so she doesn’t know how to enjoy, how to be thankful without guilt.

She assumes no one will understand so she keeps it all to herself. An indulgence she can’t repress or make convenient.

She finds advance through action and error, not permission.  She once believed she could conquer the world without first making peace with herself. She always lived to let live. She sought to please, even at her own expense.

The energy she spent, ducking and dodging discomfort, filling herself up with frenzy. Trying to let her mind do the job of her heart. Translating herself into a million different languages and formats, chasing validation. No wonder she thought she was crazy.

Self-denial is what she always predicted for herself. Resigned to inadequacy. Not wanting anyone to know, but dying to tell. Her suffering, her intentions, her unconditional tolerance.

Her story is both anecdotal and deliberate, designed to spark your imagination and turn on your resonance so you can see parts of yourself that have been suppressed.

Her circumstances, alive with individual and collective truth, remind us that everyone’s path is unique and significant. Her biggest fear is living a default life, never breaking through.

Quietly, her way with all things, she seeks love and reciprocity that requires no cooperation but her own.

Despite her self-punishments, something like hope beckons to her just as it always has.

Hope taps on her shoulder playfully, but when she turns looking for evidence, no one is there.

Hope tickles her feet, making her dance when there’s no music.

She can’t define it or explain it and still, she believes in it.

To love life is to love freedom and brave. The experience of becoming. She feels hope, even when the earth is swallowing her up. That must mean something. She trusts it.

To love hard is the only option.

Have you met her?

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Thanks for coming to see me today.  xoxo

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  1. I stumbled across this blog and I must admit I thought to myself WOW, SOMEONE ELSE FEELS THIS WAY!!! Thank you for being a voice :)