Thursday, June 19, 2014

You Don't Want to Miss this Video

On June 5, I joined feminine forces with the amazing Akilah S. Richards to review each other's books and chat about emotional wellness, radical self-expression, self-inquiry, defining love and healing out loud.  

Akilah is the type of woman that makes me feel understood and seen and free. When I wrote this piece, I had women like her in mind. We had a beautiful discussion about creativity, womanhood and expression and I insist that you take a moment to listen in and feel the love. Here's what some of the viewers had to say:

"This discussion was such an empowering reminder to take time to heal, be yourself in business + personal life, the importance of self-reflection and so much more inspiring messages that we can start practicing now.  Akilah Richards & GG Renee are living proof that beautiful results will show up in the way that it is meant for you. Thank you ladies for sharing your process."  - Monique Haley


"I was lecturing yesterday and knew I would miss this, so I was ecstatic when it popped up in my email today! So I started listening to it immediately in my car ... omg... i needed this. Ladies thank you so much for sharing... I connected to so much of this." - Simone Keize


"15 minutes in and I WISH I was a fly on the wall when you ladies recorded this, flying in front of Akilah or GG every time you spoke my truth. ;-). Working on my own personal memoir, I'm so excited and honored to have women in my universe who just feel, live and breath the same as I. Just affirming.

Thank you ladies. Looking forward to reading your book GG and Akilah!" -  Katrina M. Harrell


Let me know your thoughts on this discussion! 
 Thanks for watching. xxoo

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