Saturday, July 5, 2014

How to Use Writing As a Self-Discovery Practice

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"She has learned to love. To fear. To hate. And then to love again.  Through it all, she writes." - Kimberly Kinrade

I decided awhile back that if I'm going to cling to anything, it's going to be my creative spirit. 

Everything else can be taken away. As long as we have our ideas and the courage to express them, our lives have meaning.    My latest creation, WRITE. RELEASE. RENEW. is a self-discovery course for soulful women.  Join me on July 14 to find out how I use writing as a self-discovery practice.  And just so you know... 

You don't have to be an artist to live creatively.

Choosing to live creatively means that you set the intention to live your life your way. You use your imagination to create your reality. If there is something you would enjoy seeing or doing, you don't wait for someone else to to bring it to life. You go for it. Your drive to indulge your ideas is more powerful than your fear of disapproval. 

WRITE. RELEASE. RENEW. is a four week program that includes four live 60 minute calls where I will walk you through the following concepts:

Week One:
* The powerful exercise that allowed me to start understanding my emotions instead of allowing them to control me
* The four stages of self-discovery that will give your mistakes more meaning
* The exact steps you need to take to identify and contradict self-defeating thoughts

Week Two:
* The 10 minute daily project that will clear your mind to focus on what really matters to you
* Three strategies to help you realize what you want your life to say and how you want to feel
* The insanely important question you must know the answer to in order to overcome setbacks and bumps in the road

Week Three:
* The secret of successful people and how to shift your mindset from dreamer to doer
* How to differentiate between needs and wants and decide what happiness means for you
* My two favorite tools for soulful goal setting and creative planning

Week Four:
* The three things that I run to for motivation when I'm discouraged and my energy is low
* Writing exercises that will bring you back to the present when past thoughts revisit you or worries of the future distract you
* What you can do on a daily and weekly basis to stay productive and in tune with your own process (no matter what everyone else is doing)

Here's how it works:

* The four calls will be hosted live on my conference call line and will be recorded for future reference. So don't worry if you are unavailable for any of the calls, you can replay it back at any time. Calls will be 60 minutes long with 15 minutes at the end for Q & A.

The schedule is as follows:
1st call: Monday, July 14 at 9 PM ET
2nd call Monday, July 21 at 9 PM ET
3rd call Monday, July 28 at 9 PM ET
4th call Monday, August 4 at 9 PM ET

* You will also receive the WRITE. RELEASE. RENEW. workbook that will capture all of the lessons, examples and exercises for you so during the call you can be completely engaged in the discussion and less worried about taking notes.

* The workbook and dial-in information will be provided on the Sunday before each call at 12 PM ET.

Ready to join me?  Sign up here.  If you're not ready, why not?  Will there ever be a perfect time to start getting out of your own way?

BTW, I meant to get this post up yesterday but I'm late, so I will keep registration open through Tuesday, July 8 at 10 PM ET.  Got questions?  Email me. Talk to you soon!


  1. I think I'm going to do this because I totally feel you on this creativity punch. I NEED this. I'm marking my calendar!

    1. Hey Marie! Yup we can all use a reminder from time to time about who we really are and why we do what we do!

  2. HI GG! I wanted to know when you would be holding your next WRITE.RELEASE.RENEW. Self-discovery course. I'm a wallflower on the brink of bursting. I need an outlet. Could you please let me know


    1. Hi Shantel :) The next session starts Wed. 8/13 And registration closes on 8/10. Click the link at the top that says Write Release Renew and u will find the link to register. xo