Tuesday, July 8, 2014

I'm Just a Quitter Who Found a Reason to Stop Quitting

Hi, my name is GG and I'm a recovering quitter.  I've been clean for about two years.  Here's how I stopped giving up.

I used to be a professional quitter. Over the years, feeling unfulfilled at my job led me to try many things. Modeling, Graduate School (twice), Mary Kay, ACN, Lia Sophia, Random Online Get Rich Thingies, and Other Stuff That I'm Probably Forgetting. I never stuck with anything and each failure confirmed to me that I wasn't a go-getter. I wasn't a finisher.

Do you have a history rich with unfinished things? 

Did you ever, like me, assume that because several things didn't work for you that nothing would ever work? Did you think that you just didn't have the goods to be successful?

It's hard to see others kicking ass at something that you tried and gave up on. But let me assure you, if you really wanted it, you wouldn't have given up. No, seriously. If you really, really wanted it -- you would kept going. You would eventually come back to it in some way. Because what you want for you life - it wants you too. 

Have you ever heard the quote about negative patterns showing up in your life over and over until you learn the lesson?

Same thing with positive patterns. Sometimes we run from things that feel good because we're afraid of joy. We're afraid of bright lights and happiness. So if you really want something and you've identified it, don't quit. Feel the fear and keep going. Find comfort in the fact that the only way you can lose is if you give up and stop believing.

Trust me, I know it gets hard.  There is not a day that goes by where I am not freaked out by all the new challenges I am facing.  It's exhilarating and scary in an Alice in Wonderland kind of way.   I'm learning to stop hoarding my ideas and just try them out. I don't worry so much about my mistakes.  This is the only way to move forward.  See how it goes.  Tweak. Revise.  Trash some things.  Start again.  Keep going.  I'm not where I want to be but I'm not stopping.

When you are feeling discouraged about your journey, instead of quitting, try this writing exercise. 

// Write a story or a timeline of events about whatever goal you are working toward.

// Start the story with how you decided to pursue your vision. This will remind you of why you started. Write about the ups and downs you've encountered along the way. Eventually you will reach the part of the story where you are now. Maybe you are feeling close to giving up. Maybe things aren't going as planned.

This is the part where you claim your miracle and write it into your story. 

// Write how you get through this setback and how you go on to overcome every challenge that comes your way. Write how all of the setbacks teach you what you need to get to the next level. This is your testimony. Put it into words before it comes to life.

// Visualize yourself sharing your story with others to inspire them. Reread your story of overcoming every day and watch how things really do work out. Feel the joy and the power before the resolution.

Believe in your story and write it into existence.

My latest creation, WRITE. RELEASE. RENEW. is a self-discovery course for soulful women. Maybe you want to find a path in life that inspires you and won't let you quit.  Maybe you've lost motivation and you want to get it back. Maybe you're ready to take "your thing" to the next level and you want to get clear on your intentions. The foundation of all of this is self-discovery.

Join me as I share the concepts and writing exercises that have helped me identify my limiting beliefs, zone in on my purpose, and start expressing myself and living my way.

Registration closes tonight at 10 PM ET. 

** OK, so I got several emails from readers asking for a little more time to sign up.   I've decided to keep registration open until Friday night around 10 PM ET.  I will likely do this course again in August/September.  **


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  1. I connected to this so much! I go through a similar conundrum from time to time. It gets me no where. And recently, I decided to learn my lesson-because I was just tired of always starting over. I told myself, and I quote, "If you want to stop starting over, you have to stop giving up." Coming to terms with the fact that I typically quit before I even really get started. I had to break up with that. These writing prompts are great for when those defeating feelings resurface.

    - ♥ Chymere A. // ShesSoEclectic.blogspot.com