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44 Self-Discovery Quotes to Inspire You // #30Layers30Days


Finally September 1 has arrived and I'm kicking off my first self-discovery challenge #30Layers30Days.   If you would like to sign up to receive the daily email prompts, you can do so here.  Also, follow along on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as I will be sharing as many links as I can from those who are participating in the challenge.

My love, Kimberly Luxe is also hosting a creative writing challenge for September over at fromawildflower.  And my sis, Saunya over at A Love Perfect is hosting a new edition of The Prayer Project this month as well. 

In other words, if you've been wanting to write and journal more, these are all great options to help you get started.

In the spirit of creative self-discovery and self-lovin', I've created a list of quotes from the Soulful Beauties that have been featured here on All the Many Layers.  Their words are sure to inspire your writing through the challenge.

All of these women have touched me in different ways and this is the feature that ignited my passion for absorbing and sharing the stories of women.  They inspire me to keep speaking my truth no matter how scary it gets. 

Never feel alone in your search for meaning and purpose.  Be honest and stay encouraged that love and truth are all that matters.  Make promises to yourself and keep them.  

Alex Elle | With Love, Alexandra
“Alex, you have a new born daughter. You’re 18, with no job, no passion… get your life together. Show her what love is like, the real kind.” That kind of sums up the convo I had with myself when I delivered my kiddo on November 20th, 2007. That was my a-ha moment, motherhood was instant for me. From nursing her to going back to school full time; I had to prove to myself that I was worthy of raising another life. I needed something to slow me down and my daughter did just that. Being a teen mom wasn’t easy and I DO NOT ADVOCATE for teen pregnancy but I was one of those hard headed girls who “played with fire” if you will. I just wasn’t living right. EVERYTHING was a joke to me and once I had a child to raise so young, I knew that I had to change---I wanted to change."

"To me, soulful beauty digs much deeper than the surface. We tend to equate beauty as how we look, but soulful beauty is an inner beauty that is birthed out of how we think, act, and in the energy we give back to the world. It is the beauty that is found deep in the soul of the individual person. Something that cannot be copied, but just exists."  

"A very dear friend of mine once told me to speak my truth & be myself regardless of what anyone else thinks or feels. Since she uttered those words to me, I've felt like it's my duty to live by example of that. It's scary thing to do & is not at all easy, but it's very rewarding."  

Lufiteaub |  That's No Lye
"You are no good to anyone if you don't take care of yourself first. Don't lose yourself and who you are by always putting other's needs before your own. There is nothing selfish about living your life. If you have a dream, PURSUE IT WITHOUT CEASING! If you have a vision, SEE IT THROUGH! Whatever you secretly wish, tell your fears to SHUT UP, and follow your heart's desire."

"Because my sense of direction and passion fluctuate frequently, I realized that I must go with the flow of life. So at this moment, my a-ha moments are more like tiny confirmations. My a-ha moments are the whispers from God. Each time I have a panic attack and then calm down a few minutes later, it's God telling me, 'Don't worry, give it to me.'"


"Soulful beauty means you are unapologetically authentic. It means you take yourself seriously, not in a pretentious way, but in a way that you understand yourself and what you have to offer. It means that you are decided about every thing you do and everything you accept because you know your power."

"What I felt though, throughout my struggles was a small pulse inside of me. Some call it their inner voice or wisdom. It could be your intuition or your god-like spirit. Whatever it is, that pulse would hit me at the oddest times and I got to a point where I realized I could either choose to just end it all or decide to take FULL responsibility for my life."

"Spend at least a year dating yourself and you'll be much more confident with yourself! Find out the source of your happiness because when you do, you'll never feel that you have to depend on anyone else to be the source of it. And most importantly, accept that life will have its ups and downs. I like to compare my life to an EKG. Without the ups and the downs, I wouldn't have life. Too much of any high or any low will only cause me to flatline."

"There is no freedom like knowing that your joy can not be taken away from you. Once you find that internal joy and take advantage of the peace that only God provides, the joy you thought you had will be amplified. Your soul will ultimately be content. No one thing or person can enter your life and steal it away. That is true security."

"I originally thought my greatest a-ha moment was knowing I could survive the painful end of a relationship that gave me my best gift to date, my son Gianni. I was in love with the idea of a perfect life not realizing it was becoming toxic and abusive. I had never been a victim and I was bitter. I grew up in a family of many very strong, career driven, “don’t take crap from anyone” women, but they never knew how to forgive.

I emerged from my situation with the same lack of forgiveness and years later I still felt miserable. The bitterness weighed heavy on my heart but I felt it was my right to be angry so I held on to it...but who was that hurting? The day I decided to let it go was the day I felt the most free and happy. Down came all the blessings that had been hindered but without all the hate. I realized forgiving someone doesn’t make you weak because it takes the strength of 1000 men to forgive and mean it."


"Live life with passion and wisdom: work, play, money, love, adventure. If you live life in a fog, just staying in your comfort zone and never venturing from it, you have lost a part of your soul, and you will never achieve the dreams you dream for yourself.   Being a soulful beauty also means living in such a way that improves the world around you. The little corner of your universe should be better for your existence in it. It's not just about you, but how you infuse beauty and goodness into your life so that it improves the lives of others, too!"

"Wearing your heart on your sleeve is not a bad thing. Chances are, the people that pick on you, tease you, use it against you and make you feel bad about it, they are the ones with the issue - not you. To be open and vulnerable is very brave."

"Ultimately, it’s the sum total of all of our experiences, and what we learn from them, that make us who we are. I think the human experience is about the ability to be a chameleon. It’s like trying on dresses: if you put one on and it doesn’t fit, shimmy out of that baby and try on the next until it feels right. Simply put, your life is your own and you get to define it."

"I realized how I spoke to myself and it made my stomach turn. There was a huge disconnect in how I tried to love others but couldn't give myself the same regard and compassion. Being able to love the woman in the mirror has made me a better artist, friend, sister, woman, human being. It's been everything."

"What you have to share and offer could impact somebody’s life in a way that you could never imagine and it could just start a chain reaction. Let that thing that makes you unique stand out. If you have big hair, wear it as big as you can. Full lips, wear red lipstick. Stand out from the crowd and don’t be afraid to embrace who you are."


"As a woman, you must stand in your convictions, despite the contrary demands of everyone else around you – including loved ones. This has been my struggle, but also a blessing as well. While the world continues to shake you down with it’s own expectations of who/what you are, you somehow begin to find your own balance, with practice of course."

Be as intimate with yourself as you can be. Yes, I am a sex educator but I am not talking about sexuality right now. When I say be intimate with yourself I mean allow yourself to feel your emotions. Tear down the walls you have around your heart that don't allow you to love yourself fully. Detonate any mines you have in your mind that tear your self-confidence apart. Get emotionally naked and be eloquently honest with yourself about the things your soul needs, about the boundaries you'll need to develop to allow your emotional growth and be okay with deeply feeling what hurts the most. Stop waiting on the right circumstances to create the life you want. Start doing the inner work today, continue to be intimate with yourself each day and sooner than you think the world around you will be what you've always needed and wanted.

"I'm a very introspective person, so my life has been full of “Aha” moments. However, the one in particular that stands out the most for me was an epiphany I had a while back that has been instrumental in keeping me free. It happened the day I realized that there was no longer a need for me to compromise who I am for the sake of others, whose real issue is not with me but with themselves. As I continue to ponder this revelation, it encourages me to operate courageously, and unapologetically as my authentic self."

"The most challenging aspect of being a woman has been loving and accepting myself. Men have fallen in love with me in a shorter timeframe than what it took for me to fall in love with myself. That can be powerful - and dangerous - for a woman."

"Happy is something we all seem to be in pursuit of, but what happens when you look up and realize that thing you were chasing after has been there all along? It’s all based on your perception. We get to choose to be happy right where we are and that was an eye opening experience. It scared the crap out of me, because I thought how long can this last? But the answer to that is 'as long as I allow it to.' My choice."


"Falling in love with the wrong person has taught me to trust and value myself. It has taught me to be wiser and to follow my gut. But it has also shown me that I am a lover — a true, down to the depths of the soul lover. And one day, someone will appreciate that."

"I realized that I could just choose a road to travel and that I would be OK, that my gifts would make room for me the further on down the road I got. I am a writer and an artist because I write and make art. Pursuing both of these things and being single-minded in my pursuit makes me far happier than not doing them or doing them half-heartedly like I’ve been doing for so many years. So a few weeks ago, I chose art and writing over research and public health. Clarity is priceless. And I am clear. I intend to spend my time creating the beautiful life of my dreams, penning words, making art and sharing both."

"I started pushing myself to just close my eyes and release the work. The more I began to do that, the more I realized, you know, it's not really my "work" to keep. I started sharing my work, and people not only liked it, but they loved it. It did something to them in a good way. In those moments of sharing I learned that the act of creating the work is for us, but the releasing of it and sharing of the work is for others and the one who gave us the gift and freedom to create. Everything is not about us."
"We are too often told to wait for someone else and only then are we complete, once we are in the worlds of others. My advice? Have a vision for your life. Make your dream real. Create your experience, birth a world in your mind and build it – even if you have to start with the few scraps and pieces that were left to you."

"There is nothing sexy about bending to please everyone but you. It’s so easy to start bending when things don’t go your way but the best thing you could ever do for your life is to ignore other's attempts to encourage you to live below your version of the good life!"


"My favorite mistake was ruining my professional reputation. I was a freelance contributor to a well-respected magazine before squandering the opportunity to grow in my craft and build my portfolio. For months I beat up myself about it. I felt foolish. But, I needed the challenge of rebuilding myself. Losing the pay and ruining my reputation with the publication forced me to submit to the process rather than running from it. It forced me to really be on my ish and pay my dues."

"One thing about my personality that used to bother me is that I am sensitive and my feelings are hurt very easily. It is something that many people have told me about all my life. “You’re too sensitive”. As I have gotten older I realized I am not “too sensitive”. I am perfectly fine. My sensitivity may seem like a curse or annoying to some, but to me it is one of my biggest blessings. My sensitivity is what allows people to immediately open up to me to easily. My sensitivity is what allows me to feel your hurt, your pain, your frustration and your anger as if it is my own without judgment. My sensitivity is actually a true strength not a weakness or imperfection."

"I am a wanderer. A nomad. I don't like to be in the same place for too long. My soul always wants to travel. I used to think that something was wrong with that and growing up meant that I would have to silence that part of my spirit. I still worry about it sometimes but my life has been so amazing thus far and the more I embrace those innate things that make me who I am, the less I have to fight. I am a wanderer. "All who wander are not lost."

"I wish that we could instill the beauty of strong character. Teach our sons to be amazed by a little girl’s honesty. Point out a woman’s thoughtfulness and hard work and make that the epitome of womanliness. It should not have anything to do with hair length, waist to hip ratio or how seriously you are rocking that skirt and heels. Every time I see a party flyer or a music video I cringe inwardly at the hyper-sexualization of women. We are so often diminished down to what we could possibly offer in a bedroom. We are more than cushion and orifice."

"Being a woman who likes skateboarding and hardcore rock, I never fit in with the other women I would meet. I was treated differently by other women because I didn't like what they liked. It's hard to force yourself to conform just so others like you. I've learned to embrace being different and being the kind of woman I am. I'm a tomboy and I don't like frilly things or pink but regardless, I'm a woman and I love that I'm different."


"We should never equate being humble with disregarding our accomplishments. I hate being underestimated, so I refuse to do that to myself. By all means, lift up the people around you. But doing so should never be at your own expense. If we did not put ourselves down, there would never be a need to seek validation from others."

"My best piece of woman-to-woman advice is to do it now. Don't talk yourself out of it. Don't do the pros and cons for too long while you're young because the world is your oyster and you have the strength and capability to fulfill whatever the creator has given your imagination."

"There are truly too many vixens and not enough queens. I recently started responding and referring to women as QUEENS because we are queens. I am not sure if many women really grasp the meaning of that, but it has nothing to do with sitting on some throne and overseeing a large group of people. It means to carry yourself like the woman God intended for you to be. Know your worth and stop allowing people to define who you are. This also means to stop letting anger, envy, jealousy and hate control how you view other women and men. Befriend one another. Uplift one another. Encourage one another. Support one another. We were made by God and for God – and until we understand that – life will never make sense."

Reginia | Poised in Print
"I feel most creative when I’m traveling. Travel gives me the opportunity to create experiences and memories that will last a lifetime. I am inspired by rich colors, the varying land or cityscapes, the aromas from diners or kitchens, and especially the conversations with locals that offer tales that no textbook could properly display."

Isis | The Goddess Column
"You’re someone’s dream girl. The way you look, talk, act, walk is perfect to someone out there in this world. Always remember that. Until you find him or her, be your own dream girl. Take care of yourself now the way you would if you found the person of your dreams already. Once you find and RECOGNIZE the true value in yourself, you will not allow that to be diminished, unappreciated, or unexpected from anything or anyone you come up against."


"Do not be roar, to be traditional, to be vulnerable, to be predictable or unpredictable or to be any of the things we are and are not supposed to be. Do not be afraid to change your mind, clothes, opinion, or hair and the next day change it all again. Do not be afraid, that is the only thing you must not be."

A Soulful Beauty is a powerful woman who lives her life allowing the light from inside to do the talking for her. She discovers her truths by exploring within, accepting flaws and learning from mistakes, loving every cut to her spirit and corner of her body. She's always evolving, coming into who she was created to be as she stumbles and gets back up during the days. A Soulful Beauty is a student, open to what the universe has to offer and teach her, knowing it'll ultimately mold her into her purpose.

Kalley | Blogging While Nursing
"Learn acceptance. Don’t let it stop you from achieving greatness, but you have to learn how to accept yourself and others around you. There will people who will be smarter, or brighter than you, and that’s okay. Accept that. Define what your greatness is. Your definition of greatness will be different from others. So don’t look at other people’s journeys and feel disheartened. Keep your eyes on your own prize."

"So much of my identity was tied up in how great and smart and fabulous I thought I was, but once the external accolades were removed, I had to come to grips with who I really was. I was arrogant, undisciplined, and ungrateful really. By clawing my way out of the mess I made, God worked with me to transform me into a more humble, diligent, and appreciative person. I began to see the good in others and legitimately cared about helping them reach their dreams as much as I wanted to reach my own. I'm so happy I went through that experience; it shaped so much of what I'm proud of in my life today."

Areeayl | Beads by Aree
"Life is too short to not fall in love with who you are. So even if it hurts, fake it until you make it. You may not see all of the limitless beauty, power and light within you but you must believe it is there in order to get there. So, if God took the time to create you as you are, believe that you are more beautiful and important than you can even fathom."


Siobhan | Be Free Project
It used to bother me that I didn’t speak up. I was shy, fearful and I lacked self-confidence. Past issues stole my voice and caused me to be silent. I was afraid that if I spoke up people would laugh at me, cause confrontation and maybe even be hurt because I expressed how I felt. After going through my own personal healing process I’ve learned that I SHOULD be heard. My voice is valid. I can convey how I feel in any situation as long as I am respectful, honest and speak from my heart. Once I began to accept that I have a voice I immediately felt free.

"The most challenging part of being a woman is being an emotional roller coaster at times. But in the same breath, I would say that I accept that I’m an emotional being & wouldn’t change that about myself. My life is my story written by the ink of my soul, and I read it all. The good and the bad, the beautiful moments and the ugly truths! Often people run from the pain, but I inhale it. It gives me power against my enemies, it feeds my strength. I am in tune with the highs and lows of my journey, which has contributed to the makings of who I am as a woman and as a human being."

I am first and foremost a wife and mama. My daughters are four months-old and four years-old, and my stepson is eight. Kids, if you let them, will take everything out of you, including the flesh off your back. This is the circle of life, this is natural. It would be so easy for me to sink everything I have into my children. They would eat me right up—right now I have a fifteen pound child strapped to my chest, suckling at my breast. Making (not finding) time to engage in a creative outlet reminds me that I am still a person rather than simply a vessel for making new life.

"I HATED, loathed, despised my body.  I was mad at The Creator and wanted to know why the hell I was given the burden of the body that I had. I had just left a doctor's appointment after a year of tests and a multitude of prescriptions to assess and treat my PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) and insulin resistance. The doctor who had been "treating" me for a year had just told me to "give up and accept that you'll never lose this weight without surgery".

After the emotional breakdown, in response to his words, my own stress, and the despair of it all I was over it! I had a conversation with a loved one and I made a life changing decision in that moment: I was going to heal myself! I realized that if I didn't take control of my own physical and emotional health I wouldn't make it. That was when I made the decision to pursue a healthier, more loving relationship with my body and self. It was then that I decided to no longer be a victim in my own life. My body relationship healing began there."


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