Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Art of Writing Words That Move (1:1 Mentoring with GG)

To me, everything is an intimate conversation or it's not worth talking.  

Even if I'm in a room full of people and a speaker is on the stage, I either feel you like you are talking directly to me or I don't feel you.  If I'm watching a performance, I'm either enthralled or I'm completely distracted.   If I'm reading a book or article, I want to feel the essence of that writer.  I look for people's souls.  If I don't see it or feel it, I look elsewhere. Connection. Resonance. Compassion.  This is what I crave.

So when I'm talking to someone one-on-one, I have this bad habit of finishing their sentences. I'm so in it, you know?  I maintain eye contact.  I nod and reach out and touch when I feel the urge.  I give my full attention.  So if they pause or I can see them looking for the right words, I jump in because I think I know what they are trying to say.  I'm often wrong.  Probably 50% of the time.  (I so annoy myself when I do this!) But I have found a way to put this tendency to better use and connect it with my work.

Instead of completing people's sentences, I prompt. I nudge. I try to help people find their own words.  I dig a little deeper, asking open-ended questions.  I let them know it's safe to go deep with me.  Often people do know what they want to say but they are not sure how it will be received if they don't say it just right.

What do you want to say?  What is in there that wants to come out?  What are you dancing around? I can help you find the words.  

Whether you write for self-discovery or for an audience, I will help you access your ideas and express them with more clarity and less inhibition.  Honest writing builds loyalty, as people connect with the spirit behind your words and develop a deeper connection to your story and your brand.

The Art of Writing Words that Move is a 1:1 consultation with me where I help you become more truthful and transparent with your writing.  I will give you tools and strategies to enhance the structure of your work, making it more clickable, more readable, and more compelling for your audience.

What my readers and clients are saying:

"@ggreneewrites always finds a way to say what I am thinking. She makes me want to be a better be more outspoken. Most of the thoughts swimming around in my head seem to meet her pen to a pad so effortlessly. I am grateful for her voice and all its many layers."
 - @thistable4one

"I checked out your site and it's like my life started to make sense and seemed beautiful for the very first time. so thank you sistalovefriend. Appreciative/grateful for your truth, your sharing, and how you choose to live out loud!" - @universal_lovin

"I cried yesterday because I felt so drained and overwhelmed because I am having writer's block and just have so much to say and do but it won't come out and I just caved! After reading this I felt like I reconnected. Thank you." - Nadine James

"I knew I wanted to write.  I knew what I wanted to write about; I just wasn't sure how to start and if it was relevant...   GG really understood my vision and where I want to go with it.    She helped me flesh out some of my ideas and gave me new ones to play around with.   Working with GG has been a great experience that I'd definitely recommend to anyone who wants to give their voice a platform to empower and inspire others." -  Rae

"I enjoyed the specialized attention to detail that GG offered by focusing on several items on my blog where I could improve on content, layout and overall structure of my blog... I also enjoyed the focused and very detailed questions that GG asked about in regards to the purpose of my blog and what has worked well for me in regards to the response from people to my blog. I especially enjoyed the Social Media direction and we determined what worked best for me from a marketing standpoint. GG has a lot of forward thinking ideas and I have through her coaching, a goal to work towards."  - Lynda

Find more lovely feedback here and here.

Who is this opportunity for?

My ideal client wants to write and share her voice with the world, but is unsure of her voice.

She wants honest feedback, constructive critique and encouragement.

She wants to be prompted and nudged to write from her heart and show her true self without worrying about what people will think.

She wants to  feel more confident and express herself more clearly.

She needs help with structure, strategy, organizing her thoughts and staying focused.

She wants to be coached by someone who understands her doubts and how she can overcome them, so she can then find the courage to share more broadly, build a loyal audience and make a difference in people's lives.

Option 1 - Over the course of two weeks, these clients will have one writing sample reviewed and critiqued by me as well as email support throughout that two weeks.  ($25)  RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Option 2 - Over the course of four weeks, these clients will have two writing samples reviewed and critiqued by me as well as email support throughout that month.  ($50)   RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Option 3 - Over the course of four weeks, these clients will have two writing samples reviewed and critiqued by me and a 60 minute phone call/skype session to go deep into the ins and outs of honest writing and shameless expression.  Clients will also receive access to their choice of The Purpose Session, Write. Release. Renew, Blog & Bloom or The Quiet Guides.  ($100)   RESERVE YOUR SPOT

Once your reservation is received, you will receive a welcome letter from me on what to expect.   I have limited capacity each month, so if you try to register and I'm booked, please shoot me an email at ggrenee at allthemanylayers dot com, and I will add you to my waiting list for the next month.   View my full services list here.
It's not about being the best writer of all the writers all over everywhere, it's about the art of expressing yourself your way, freely, without reservation.  

If you have a business or blog and are interested in my ghostwriting services, you can view my services here.

Before you go:  How do you plan to dedicate yourself to shameless expression in 2015?

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