Saturday, February 13, 2016

MahYah // #writewordsthatmove

Sometimes you have to do it while you're dirty.

Sometimes while you're hurting or unsure.
While you're scared, while you're bare.
Sometimes you have to do it even if you feel silly or unsure.
Or do it when you don't know, or when you do.
Sing sour notes. Slobber on yourself.
Stutter, fumble, crumble or cry.
But at least try.
Or to do it afraid.
To start with what you have.
To start afraid.

Sometimes we just need someone with the gall enough to tell us the truth.
Sometimes you have to do it unprepared or when you feel like crap
or just straight don't wanna.
Rise early and sleep late.
Sometimes you have to dress your best when you don't feel good.
Leave when you wanna go home.
Get familiar with the unfamiliar.
Make that phone call.
Decline that friend, or two.
Take that picture when you feel you're not beautiful.
Give before you get.
Learn something new.
Ask a question, when you fear it may be dumb.
Help that friend out or that enemy.
That's maturity.

Smile when you don't feel like it.
Hope when you have none.
Love when you don't wanna.
Let go when you're scared ta.
That's maturity.
Face your problems.
Not run away
and use your wisdom
and experience to solve them.

Sometimes you have to embarrass yourself and be willing to look like a fool.
And sometimes you have to stop reading about life and start living it.

#WriteWordsThatMove features your words.  

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