digital storytellers masterclass

Creating a platform for the stories you want to tell is an art.   It requires creative courage and a willingness to grow and evolve in front of an audience.  You learn to weather the uncertainty and ride the learning curves of this journey through consistent practice, resourcefulness and determination.  

As Maya Angelou said, “There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”  

That truth is what drives us and it’s why we’re passionate about providing resources and inspiration for writers who want to inspire and share their craft online.  

We believe your voice is needed.

We also believe that blogging is a viable way to build a unique writing career and attract diverse opportunities.  We believe in writers who go beyond the representative characters that many play online and reveal more truth and honest dialogue, thus creating authentic personal brands, deep connections with readers and a ripple effect in the world.

Ashley Thomas of WriteLaughDream and I have partnered to create the Digital Storytellers Masterclass, a three hour online workshop for writers who want to develop their craft, engage their ideal audience and affect the world with their words.


The course is based on the following three pillars and sub-topics:



  • The ‘V’ Word and How to Make It Work For You

  • Be Before Branding

  • The “So What?” Factor and How to Address It

  • Your Why, Your How + Your Who

  • The Key to Endless Ideas

  • The Balance of Soul and Structure


  • Your Frenemies: Style Guides +  Rule Books

  • Visual Pleasure and First Impressions

  • Your Voice: for Better, for Worse, for Being Yourself

  • Writing Headlines that Demand Attention

  • The 3 C’s That Can Enhance Your Style or Kill It


  • Showing Up:  Self-Discipline and Scheduling

  • Hello to Self-Promotion, Goodbye to Self-Sabotage

  • Using Different Platforms for Different Reasons

  • The #1 Most Important Strategy for Growth and Engagement

  • What To Do When the Writing is Done

  • The Crucial Baby Steps That Make You a Confident Writer


We have cultivated this content based on our own experiences with:

  • Building blogs that have grown organically and led to paid writing gigs and speaking opportunities

  • Creating, marketing and selling our own print books, e-books, e-courses and live workshops

  • Creative coaching, mentoring, consulting and ghostwriting

  • Freelancing, pitching and partnering with brands

The video from our masterclass is now available for purchase and includes three hours of instruction, a downloadable presentation, and bonus resources + checklists.  Get access now and find out about the Writer Bundle here.