writer squared webinar

Blogging can be a fun hobby.  A creative outlet.  A place to capture what inspires you and connect with like-minded people.  If you’re a writer, a blog can be a platform for your work.  It could even be the thing that makes you realize, regardless of your experience or education, that you are indeed a writer and you have something unique to say.

Blogging is full of possibility.  

You can sell products and services from your blog and make money.  You can rack up thousands of followers and become an influencer or a brand ambassador.  You can provide information, resources, inspiration and entertainment.  How to do these things is not as mysterious as it used to be because there are now tons of resources available to teach you how to brand and build a successful blog.   

But personal blogging can be tricky.  

When you decide to write about your life and share your personal journey through your blog, how do you find and grow an engaged audience?  

What is more important -- the authenticity of your message or the number of people who like it or tweet it?  How do you make your presence known without feeling like you have to play a role or impress people?  What specific actions can you take to expand your reach without selling your soul?

Ashley Coleman of WriteLaughDream and GG Renee of All the Many Layers have created Writer Squared, a webinar on increasing visibility and directing the vision for your personal blog.  In this one hour session, you will find actionable steps that the go-getter in you will want to implement right away, along with insights and inspiration that your creative soul will savor.   

With your purchase, you get the 60 minute Writer Squared video plus four targeted writing resources to support your writing journey.  Click here to find out more about this and other resources for writers who blog.