thoughts on leveling up

In  The Seat of the Soul by Gary Zukov, he wrote about the vertical path versus the horizontal path.  The vertical path is one of awareness and spiritual growth.  Conversely, the horizontal path is one that satisfies the ego.  It was a vertical path that led me to my writing career.  When I started writing, I was at such an emotional and spiritual low point that there was nowhere to go but up.  The growth I experienced through seeking knowledge, learning and unlearning, and articulating it all through writing, opened doors and turned on lights inside of me.   

And then for some reason, I stopped looking up and I started looking around.  Gradually, I abandoned the vertical path and it became more important to move forward, to keep up, measure up, and be relevant.  It became more important for the path to unfold according to my human plan, even though I'd learned on the vertical path that my most authentic, courageous self is guided by something universal and boundless, beyond my human understanding. I lost my way for awhile, but I love how the universe works because getting lost put me back on the vertical path. 

The energy we need to expand our creative potential can only be found and sustained on the vertical path.

Sometimes we experience creative blocks or our imaginations go dark because we stop actively and creatively seeking the light. We may not realize it though, because we're still going through the motions:  

+  Perhaps you pray or go to church or you have a spiritual practice that you turn to when you are very grateful or very sad, but day to day you're not aligning your thoughts and actions with your beliefs.  

+  Maybe you're still showing up, still creating and full of ideas, but something is missing.  Something is dry and needs watered, but you don't investigate because you fear everyone will move on and leave you behind.   

+  It's also quite possible that you are looking around so much that you are imitating what you see other people doing and when you don't get the same results, you become disillusioned.  

There are many possibilities, because it only takes a bit of distraction, a few steps on the horizontal path in this noisy world, for us to start thinking that our lives would be more satisfying if we could orchestrate every detail and guarantee no surprises and no discomfort. 

As such, we can lose touch with our creative source, seeking satisfaction from outside results and appearances more than the natural elevation that comes from spiritual growth.  To clarify, spiritual growth includes personal development, self-care, self-improvement, soul searching, healing — whatever word or phrase comes to mind when you think about the care of your mind/body/soul. 

When we find ourselves on the wrong path, what we need to do is align our thoughts, beliefs, actions, and of course, our creative endeavors, with the truth, the source, the light within.  It's more of an act of allowing than doing because when you let go all the outcomes, intuition guides you and your creative energy grows.

My writing practice is fueled by my pursuit of spiritual growth, so the more I learn, the more ideas and stories I have to share.   I simply cannot skip my reading/praying/meditating time like I used to, going days and days without feeding my soul. I can't pour out, pour out, pour out, without filling up. When I don't prioritize spiritual growth and healing, my well runs dry and I find myself falling back into negative thought patterns, feeling uninspired and out of touch with my inner wisdom. Many of us feel uninspired to write because we're not giving ourselves the right stimulation or even realizing how important it is to do so.

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