tell yourself the truth | journaling prompts

In order for us to feel safe expressing ourselves authentically; we have to give ourselves permission to change the way we think about truth telling.  Most of us were taught to silence our uncomfortable truths and avoid judgment at all costs.

As you open up to write, you may feel like you are breaking rules because you're not used to being vulnerable, even with yourself.  There's a warning inside that says,  Don’t say anything that goes against the image you’ve carefully created.   We have to stop allowing that voice to silence the truths that can set us free.

No matter how much you struggle to find the time or the words, no matter how much you resist, if writing calls to you, it’s time to surrender to it. In order to strengthen your writing muscles and use writing as the gift that it is, it is essential that you stay open to what your heart has to say and practice translating its messages on a regular basis.

Try the following writing prompts from the Words That Move workshop:

+ I remember the day I started lying about _______________.   I didn’t plan to lie about it, it just came out.  I’ve felt trapped by that lie ever since.  

+ I know what the problem is.   I’m _____________. This seems to be at the root of all my self-doubt and insecurity.  Everywhere I go, I suspect that people are thinking _____________ about me. I remember that time when ____________________. 

+ The ___________ parts of me feel muted and unexpressed.  In the _________________ aspects of   my life, I feel invisible and unimportant.  I'm tired of hiding _____________________ about myself. 

+ ____________ lives in the gap between how I feel now and how I want to feel. I need to face my fear of ____________ so I can move forward.

+ I need to think about ________________ differently to bring about the fulfillment I seek.

+ How do you strive to affect the people you encounter, the community you live in and the world at large? What is the vehicle you use to put this energy out into the world?

+ What is one subject that you feel incredibly vulnerable (and scared) to write about?

+ List three things that give you extreme joy and for each one, write a memory of that feeling with special attention to the details — where you were, who you were with, what you were doing, etc.

The Words That Move Self-Study Workshop will show you how to stop holding in and holding out for the perfect words and start writing from the heart. The lessons and exercises will help you focus, notice more details in everyday life and find more opportunities to use writing to make a unique impact on the world.

You will learn different ways to develop the habit of writing, experiment with your style and voice, and use what you’re learning to enhance your presence online, at work and in whatever community, purpose or passion you wish to serve. All the details can be found here.