inspirational storytelling writing intensive


How can you use your strengths and struggles to help people?

Your life is full of creative material.  Maybe it’s that hobby you love, that you could talk about all day.  Perhaps it's a process or practice you’ve mastered or a story inside that you are aching to tell.  There’s an audience who could benefit from your experiences and the lessons you've learned. You have your unique perspective and your gifts at this time in the world for a reason. You have a message the world needs.  

The inspirational storytelling writing intensive combines the benefits of a writing workshop and a group coaching session.

This three-hour online experience is part group coaching session and part writing workshop. You will work with me and a small group of women who want to start using their strengths and struggles to build a creative platform that helps, informs, or enriches people in some way.  This is a great opportunity to benefit from my experience as a blogger, ghostwriter, memoirist, author, and workshop leader as you will be able to pick my brain and receive specific guidance on your creative pursuits.

We will explore six layers of creative self discovery:

Struggle.  What have you been through/what have you learned that you gives you a unique perspective and an ability to help others?
Story.   How have your ups and downs, wins and losses shaped your life?
Vehicle.  What is your favorite way to communicate? How can you use this form of communication to share your story?
Audience.  What types of people do you connect with most naturally, with the least amount of effort or anxiety?
Platform.  How can your people find you? Where do you position your work?
Purpose.   What happens when you live out the story your heart wants to tell?

GG Renee