words that move self-study course

I created this course for women who have a story inside that they don't know how to tell.

For the past six years, I've been creating content to help women find courage, clarity and purpose through writing. I’ve hosted live and online workshops and coached on-on-one, bringing women together to have meaningful discussions, tell inspiring stories and connect through the love of language. The women I work with want to be more fully expressed in their lives but are uncertain about how writing can help them achieve that. They have stories they want to tell and ideas they want to share but struggle to organize their ideas. They acknowledge that there parts of themselves that only come out when writing and they want to strengthen this connection.


+ Writers of all levels who want to clarify their voice, message and delivery.

+ Writers who feel blocked and have lost confidence in their writing.

+ Anyone who wants to find a deeper level of self-expression, creative courage and confidence through writing.

+ Anyone who wants to inspire, influence and testify with their words.

+ Bloggers who want to write with more heart, soul and vulnerability without sacrificing strategy.

+ Writers who blog and want to build a platform for their work.

+ Writers, journalers and diarists who feel creatively isolated and want to build and connect with other writers.

+ Creatives and business owners who want to improve their storytelling skills to emotionally connect with their audience.

GG Renee