writing to heal online workshop

It’s been scientifically proven that writing our stories is good for our health.  

It helps us sort through difficult feelings, admit things we’re afraid to say out loud and find renewed purpose and beauty in the journey of our lives. Many of us have the desire to write, but we don’t necessarily see it as a vital form of self-care or a spiritual practice, so we don’t prioritize it. We underestimate the strength that can be found in vulnerability and the value of our personal wisdom.

In this transformational workshop, you'll engage in a series of writing exercises designed to open the mind, expose the heart, and stimulate self-observation without judgment— all in a safe, trusting atmosphere. Participants will identify the attitudes and beliefs that pull them out of alignment with their higher selves and explore repressed feelings that interfere with well-being.


+ Explore their thoughts, memories and imaginations through healing exercises

+ Redefine their struggles and disprove their limiting beliefs

+ Lay the groundwork for an ongoing writing practice

+ Find a deeper level of self-expression, creative courage and confidence through writing

+ Connect with other women who are seeking a higher vibration

+ Apply a healing narrative to their lives and testify with their stories

please note:

All times are Eastern Standard Time. All you need is a computer, earphones and email address to participate. Using Zoom videoconferencing, you will work face to face with no more than six other writers.

There are no refunds, however if you register and can't attend for some reason, you can apply your investment to another course or workshop.

If you have any questions, please contact me! To read reviews and find out more about my other courses and workshops, click here.

GG Renee