writing the layers online workshop


This interactive online workshop provides writers of all levels with techniques that reveal the patterns, themes and stories that shape their lives. Participants practice writing with beginner’s mind, thought labeling to identify hidden ideas and beliefs, and storytelling as a creative path to healing. In this three-hour session, you write, share and discuss your work with classmates as you discover new pathways to your own inner wisdom. You come away with writing exercises that deepen your self-awareness and expand your creative perspective. Your purchase includes three hours of online instruction and a PDF copy of the Writing the Layers workbook.

In this three hour workshop, we will work through self-discovery and writing techniques that help you:

+ Become
aware of the patterns in your life that hold you back and the ideas that set you free

+ Calm nervous thoughts, fears and insecurities that block your imagination

+ Identify your personal obstacles to self-expression and move past your own resistance

+ Recognize that your unique story holds the key to your originality

+ Develop a sustainable writing practice that keeps you aligned with your truth

+ Explore more uninhibited thought and expression to reveal your authentic voice and message

GG Renee