Soul Stories by GG Renee is an interview series for women who are seeking creative healing.

These conversations showcase the vulnerability that I strive to showcase + normalize for women of color through my work. We talk about the unique challenges that women — Black women in particular — face when it comes to sharing our stories. We talk about each of these women's personal challenges and how they faced them. We talk about how art reflects life and what happens when you surrender to the work that calls to you.

When you have open-hearted discussions about life and creativity with inspiring people, it leaves you feeling charged up and capable, ready to bring that energy into the rest of your life. When you feel creatively blocked, down on yourself, unable to connect to your ideas + imagination, it helps to indulge in creative conversation and listen to other people sharing their experiences. When I have coffee dates and meet-ups with my creative peers, this is what it's like and I wanted these videos to capture that in a raw and unedited way.

Shefon Nachelle is an enigma I met through blogging about ten years ago. She describes herself as “…an artist, designer and a sucker for memory and nostalgia. A soft wild, probably somewhere thriftin’.” I fell for her instantly. She represents creative freedom and inspires me to be unapologetic with my complexity and expression. Our conversation explores creativity as a pathway softness and vulnerability and the inspiration that can be found in our ancestors’ stories. You can find her and her art on Instagram and Twitter @byshefon.

Siobhan Sudberry of the BeFree Project is one of the most encouraging women I’ve ever interacted with. She exudes positive energy in a down-to-earth way that makes you feel seen and supported without agenda. She is committed to teaching women how to get unstuck, gain clarity and cultivate the life they deserve. We talked about what happens when you find your purpose and discover how important your personal story is to helping others find theirs. Visit her website to explore her blog, podcast, self-care products and her most recent offering, The Motherless Child Guidebook.: A Sacred Space for Healing Your Mother Wounds. You can connect with her on Instagram and Facebook @befreeproject.

What I noticed right away about Yetti of Yetti Says is her beautifully disrupting honesty. She talked about her mental health journey candidly and she was one of the first women who cheered me on to do the same. There she was, gorgeous and successful, unafraid to talk about her struggles and offer encouragement to others. Through her writing, she shares a mixture of her truths, good and bad. If you are drawn to women who wear their self-love on their sleeve, no matter what they’re going through, follow Yetti and check out her blog and self-care products. You can find her on Instagram @yettisays.

I found Chelsea Coffey of The Coffey Break on Instagram and thought she looked like someone I would befriend in real life. I wanted to ask her about her hair and her cool outfits and glowy skin. Girl crush things. But Chelsea’s light goes beyond beautiful photos. She writes beautiful affirmations and offers insights into a life she fills with love, travel, style, design and non-profit work. In addition to these things, our conversation was about faith and intuition as you journey through your creative path. Her first book, Speak Those Things is available on her website. You can follow her on Instagram @thecoffeybreak.

Jen and I have only spoken a handful of times but when we talk, it’s like we’ve known each other forever. I imagine that she must have that effect on anyone who is blessed to have a strong woman in their family that they go to for loving, honest, irreverent advice. The kind of advice you seek when you’re done playing around and you want to hear it straight. I admire how bold and gentle she is at the same time. She describes herself as “…a cheerleader for Black women’s mental and emotional health and well-being.” In the video, we talked about the importance of healing the emotional wounds that come from painful mother-daughter relationships, how to develop a long-term healing strategy and much more. Visit her website to get her book F*ck That Cape and to find out how she can help you heal from your mother wounds through one-on-one coaching. You can find her on Instagram @jenniferarnise.