Develop a consistent writing practice and be part of a creative community of seekers.

The All the Many Layers Writing Circle is an interactive writing group that offers monthly self-discovery and storytelling workshops, creative inspiration and daily writing prompts.

The monthly content offers actionable ideas and practical advice on creative living, personal growth, self-discovery writing and building a writer platform.

The Writing Circle is a safe space for open-hearted women to share ideas, offer support, and inspire one another in an intimate virtual community.

Does this sound like you?

+ You’re a soulful woman who loves words.

+ Writing is an important part of your self-care practice, or at least you want it to be.

+ Deep conversations about life and meaning inspire you to write, but you don’t have consistent outlets for these discussions.

+ You want to connect with other creative women who are interested in self-discovery + storytelling.

+ You have stories and experiences that you want to explore through writing and share with a supportive community.

+ You want flexible guidance and fuel for your writing practice.

+ You want access to monthly writing and self-discovery workshops, group creative coaching sessions,
online readings and open mics, inspirational content and more for a low monthly contribution.


I’m GG. Writer, Speaker and Advocate of Self-Discovery Through Writing.

I've always been able to express myself most honestly through writing. In addition to blogging and writing books, six years ago, I started creating courses and content to help other women use writing to discover + express themselves authentically. I started with online courses and eventually added in-person workshops in the DC area, Atlanta and New York. I’ve also hosted workshops for The Writer’s Center, Maryland Arts Summit, and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., teaching my self-discovery techniques to diverse audiences.

Writing allows us to cultivate an intimate place where we can be whole, and with the world constantly tempting us to cut away parts of ourselves, wholeness is something we desperately need to nurture.

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My approach to creative coaching is:

+ Knowing and accepting yourself and your point of view is essential to any kind of writing.

+ Address the limiting beliefs and fears that are in the way, so the unique perspective
that is already inside of you can be revealed and elevated.

+ Show you practical ways to infuse your unique writing voice into your current life, career and social presence.

+ Provide a safe space for mutual connection, inspiration and accountability between like-minded writers.

+ Provide specific techniques and strategies for both private and public writing as well as
guidance on self-possession and paving your own path as a writer and expressive voice.


When women write together, masks come off, walls fall down and our souls come out of hiding.

In my workshops, I’ve seen how the collective energy of the environment uplifts and connects people, giving them courage to express themselves in ways they didn’t know they needed.

The feedback I hear most often is, “I wish I could do this every month!”

I love to see participants chatting, exchanging email addresses and social media handles promising to keep in touch and form their own meet-ups.

But it’s hard to maintain that creative high when you step out of the workshop bubble and back into the world where vulnerability is not the norm. In other words, you may leave the workshop overflowing with new ideas and inspiration to write, then life happens and you feel like you don’t have the time and you can’t find the words.

We need to be intentional about inspiring ourselves and making time to be creative. We need the vulnerability. We need the challenge of being all the way honest somewhere without inhibition. Writing can provide that space. This community supports that effort.

the all the many layers writing circle is a place
to share, learn, connect and grow
through the steady practice of
writing and expression.

upcoming writing circle workshops


The All the Many Layers Writing Circle Membership is $12.99/month or $99.99/year.

When taken individually, All the Many Layers workshops range from $39 - $149 and I charge $75/hour for creative consultations.

Your membership gets you access to my full rotation of featured workshops + courses, bonus resources, guest speakers, and group coaching sessions for a low price.

If you are a soulful woman who loves words, this is an ideal opportunity to deepen your writing practice with consistent guidance, an inspiring community that will cheer you on and content that speaks to your soul.



+ What sets the Writing Circle apart from other writing groups?

All the Many Layers attracts writers of all levels who are particularly interested in deep reflection, creative self-discovery and raw, honest writing. 
The lifeblood of this group is the workshops. Not only do members have access to daily community interaction and feedback,
you also get a consistent flow of course content, plus live online trainings, group coaching sessions +  discussions.


“I truly enjoyed the workshop The Story of You. The atmosphere was pleasant and all the participants were eager and supportive.
It felt like a bunch of girlfriends getting together! This two hour workshop provided the opportunity to write and share… to listen and discuss..
all while learning and using simple yet effective techniques to help break barriers to writing our personal stories.
All in all this was a very affirming and empowering experience and I look forward to attending more of GG's workshops!”
Sandhya Rajan

“This online video format is such a good idea; everyone can be comfortable at home and still participate effectively.
I was struck by some of the common themes in what we were all sharing and by the fact that
we would all treat those commonalities so differently in our own individual stories. 
It reinforced that there is space and audience for all of our stories and that there is value in what we have to share. 
It also showed the necessity of community among writers - we were able to draw inspiration
from each other and see more clearly where we might find our particular fit.  
You have a unique gift for responding meaningfully to what everyone is sharing and
making seamless connections among people who have never met before and who have lived completely different lives. 
It's pretty amazing and, surprisingly, a safe space, and I felt heard and lifted and encouraged.”  
— Lisa Harris

“Thanks to GG's gentle facilitation and strong core of integrity as well as the wonderful and passionate group of women
who were part of the intensive, I have come away invigorated by a sense of immense possibility and openness to my own well of creativity."
- Sri Padmanabhan 

You can read more reviews here.

+ What if I want to cancel my membership?

If you select the monthly subscription you can cancel at anytime and your payment method will not be charged for any future month. 
You will continue to be able to access the member site through the last day of the month in which you cancel. 

If you select the annual subscription you can cancel within 7 days of purchase.

+ How is the Writing Circle content delivered?

Upon registration, you will have access to the membership site including all the content for the current month
and all previous months of the calendar year.  The site is accessible from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
You receive an email every time I post an update to the site.


All live trainings, coaching sessions, and workshops take place on my Zoom channel.
All you need is a computer, laptop or phone and earbuds with a microphone to participate.  
Writing assignments that are associated with specific workshops will be posted within the member site.


+ How much time will this group require each month?

There are no specific time requirements!  You can participate as much as your schedule and priorities allow. 
You can use the content on a self-study basis on your own schedule, or you can be highly engaged
and interactive with the online writing assignments and live trainings. 
One of the major benefits of the group is that you have a creative guide and community
that you can learn from and build with in your own way. 


+ Can I benefit from this group if I’m not an experienced writer?

Yes!  The content includes relevant topics for writers of all levels, including everyone from journalers to
to professional writers.