Saturday, August 1, 2015

Because Writing Is What Opens You

Because you love words and meaning and reflection. Because you want to express your way of being in the world. Because you want to write your dreams into reality. Because you want to feel free and creative again. Because writing materializes your prayers and petitions...allows you to see your soul on the page. Because it's the vehicle that can best carry all the weights and sizes and shapes of you. Because you want to see what is on the other side of your resistance. Because you want to open up and writing is what opens you.  Click through below to see a sample page from my Words That Move Writing Workshop starting on August 17.  Register and get course info here.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Kendra // #WriteWordsThatMove

I feel a desperate ache in my soul each day. 

There are many parts of me that are now content and I go about my day with the thought of how lucky I am. I am surviving, I have a home and a son who is growing and learning.

We made it through the tough as shit years after he was born. We made it through my constant panic attacks, the fear, the tears and the: “I'm just going to hide in bed until I can breath again.”

I made it through the days I thought I would die because it hurt so bad and the days I just wanted to sleep and never wake up.

This isn't want I pictured for my life, but I would never trade it now. I have learned to trust that - while there is no destiny or fate - where I end up in life will be exactly what I need and where my family needs to go. It might not (it almost definitely won't) be what I picture right now, but I know it will still be good.

Despite that, I often dream about more and what I want from life. There is a desperate ache in my soul to experience more from life, more from my day. I think about how, maybe...someday, things will be perfect. I don't know what exactly that means or what I'm truly hoping for but I know it's okay to dream and strive.

I know that I can embrace this ache and allow it to be. I can say, “What do you need?” and try to answer it without words, with actions and goals. No matter where I end up, doing what I dream of now or somewhere wholly different, holding that ache in my loving arms right now in this moment is what it will take to get me there. - Kendra

#WriteWordsThatMove features your words.  

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Real Life Is Not Picture Perfect

It's always been important to me to be thought of as pretty and polished and nice to look at.  Sounds vain, but as a woman, perhaps you can relate.  I talked about the roots of this a bit here.

With that said, I work diligently to position myself as a champion for shameless self-possession.  I celebrate all the many layers.  And some of those layers ain't pretty.  Feeling pretty is like happiness.  It's a choice and a feeling that comes and goes depending on what's going on.

Embracing the unpretty is part of my brand. I think about it every time I sit down to write, and when I share bits and pieces of inspiration on social media.  What am I struggling with?  What are my friends struggling with? How can I help people cope?  What would boost me or comfort me right now?

Often I find that what comforts me is remembering that everything is not picture perfect and pretty all the time -- for anyone.   But awhile back I realized there was a disconnect in what I practiced and what I preached.  As much as I talked about imperfections and how beautiful we are because of them, personally I was still very attached to the need to appear flawless.

Not emotionally flawless, but physically flawless.  Because when I didn't feel pretty and polished on the outside, I felt like I didn't have my life together.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Words That Move Writing Workshop // Early Bird Registration

Have you made a commitment to yourself to write more this year, express yourself more, be more fearless?

I hear it all the time:

'I want to write, but I sit down to do it and nothing will come out.'  

'I have a story to tell, I want to share it but I don't know where to start.'  

'I learn so much about myself when I write but I have a hard time getting started on my own. Nothing comes out right. I can't find the words, so I get frustrated and stop trying.' 

So I put together a course that gets to the bottom of this and teaches how to stop holding in and holding out for the 'perfect' words & start writing from the heart. The more you write, the less you feel the need to wait for inspiration because you become experienced at opening up to release whatever is there. That's what the Words That Move Workshop is all about. 

Learn specifically how to develop the habit of writing, experiment with your style and voice, and use what you're learning to enhance your presence online, at work and in whatever community, purpose or passion you wish to serve.

Early Bird registration is now open for the second round of the Words That Move Writing Workshop which will take place online from August 17 - September 11. 

"I would most definitely recommend this curse for anyone looking to spark the writing bug.  I had serious writer's block and GG helped me face my fears and insecurities that I didn't even realize where holding me back.  In short this course is reflective, self-awakening and inspiring!" - Juliet 

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