I create workshops and experiences for women to practice self-discovery through writing. The workshop environment helps us get over self-consciousness and build confidence within a supportive environment. At our core, we’re all creative beings who crave inspiration and outlets to express ourselves.

"GG Renee's writers' workshop is amazing and will grow you."  - India Pinkney

"I absolutely loved this class and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to explore the inner self.  Such a great class!!" - Cassandra Brown

“Thanks to GG's gentle facilitation and strong core of integrity as well as the wonderful and passionate group of women who were part of the intensive, I have come away invigorated by a sense of immense possibility and openness to my own well of creativity." - Sri Padmanabhan

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful space for us to dig a little deeper into self-discovery and showing us how to use writing to express and heal ourselves." - Monique Allison

"Your workshops are God's work and discovering your website last fall was a divine appointment. I resonate so well with your books so I knew this workshop would be a joy. The internet is bombarded with ubiquitous writing/blogging courses but yours focuses on the writing itself - not all the market-y stuff.” - Kristin Bruce



My featured workshops are offered on a rotating basis within the All the Many Layers Writing Circle to members only. When workshops are offered outside of the Circle, they will be listed here.


Anytime. Words That Move Self-Study Course // Online

October 5. Self-Discovery + Storytelling: Releasing Struggle Mentality // Online

October 19. Inspirational Storytelling // Online

October 26. Self-Discovery + Storytelling: Releasing Struggle Mentality // Online


October 13. Words That Heal // The Writer’s Center

November 16. Writing the Layers // The Writer’s Center

December 3. The Story of You // Greedy Reads (registration coming soon)



The All the Many Layers Writing Circle is an interactive writing group that offers monthly self-discovery and storytelling workshops, guest speakers, creative inspiration and daily writing prompts.

The monthly content offers actionable ideas and practical advice on creative living, personal growth, self-discovery writing and building a writer platform.

Your membership gets you access to my full rotation of featured workshops + courses (detailed below), bonus resources, guest speakers, and group coaching sessions for a low monthly price.

If you are a soulful woman who loves words, this is an ideal opportunity to deepen your writing practice with consistent guidance, an inspiring community that will cheer you on and content that speaks to your soul. FIND OUT MORE.

the featured workshops detailed below are included
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Writing to Heal is based on the idea that the words we use can change the momentum of our lives. If we truly believed this and aligned our actions with this belief, we would pay closer attention to what we say, how we talk about ourselves and others, and how we tell our stories. If we fully appreciated the power of our thoughts, we would not entertain our inner critics the way we do. We would practice using high energy words that align with love not fear, possibility not limitation. This workshop presents creative ways to heal your relationship with words from three angles — thought, memory and imagination.

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This three-hour online experience is part group coaching session and part writing workshop. You will work with me and a small group of women who want to use their strengths and struggles to build a creative platform that helps, informs, or enriches people in a unique way. By walking through six aspects of creative self-discovery including struggle, story, vehicle, audience, platform and purpose, we uncover that every life is full of creative material and you have a message that the world needs. This is an opportunity to benefit from my experience as a blogger, ghostwriter, memoirist, author, and workshop leader as you will be able to pick my brain and receive specific guidance on your creative pursuits.

Upcoming Session: Saturday, October 19 at 10 AM ET

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Layers Workshop (7).png


This interactive online workshop provides writers of all levels with techniques that reveal the patterns, themes and stories that shape their lives. Participants will practice writing with beginner’s mind, thought labeling to identify hidden ideas and beliefs, and storytelling as a creative path to healing. In this three-hour session, you will write, share and discuss your work with classmates as you discover new pathways to your own inner wisdom. You will come away with writing exercises that deepen your self-awareness and expand your creative perspective.

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Identifying the key transformational turning points in your life is an important first step in writing your story. In this session, we will explore how to narrow down these turning points and associate specific stories and lessons to each one. You will come away with a completed timeline template, where you can see how your stories fit into a linear structure. Once you have the building blocks, how do you create a beginning, middle and end? We will discuss how to play with the standard narrative arc to create your own unique storytelling format. This session also addresses the ethical dilemmas that come up with memoir writing. How do you tell your story without hurting loved ones? What if you doubt the quality and accuracy of your memories? You will learn alternatives and best practices.

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wtm self study (16).png


Words That Move is a comprehensive writing and self-discovery course that will show you how to stop holding in and holding out for the perfect words and start writing from the heart. You will learn different ways to develop the habit of writing, experiment with your style and voice, and use what you’re learning to enhance your presence online, at work and in whatever community, purpose or passion you wish to serve.

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The video above captures the energy of my Writing the Layers workshop and features testimonials from participants.



“I truly enjoyed the workshop The Story of You. The atmosphere was pleasant and all the participants were eager and supportive. It felt like a bunch of girlfriends getting together! This two hour workshop provided the opportunity to write and share .. to listen and discuss.. all while learning and using simple yet effective techniques to help break barriers to writing our personal stories. All in all this was a very affirming and empowering experience and I look forward to attending more of GG's workshops!” — Sandhya Rajan

“This online video format is such a good idea; everyone can be comfortable at home and still participate effectively. I was struck by some of the common themes in what we were all sharing and by the fact that we would all treat those commonalities so differently in our own individual stories.  It reinforced that there is space and audience for all of our stories and that there is value in what we have to share.  It also showed the necessity of community among writers - we were able to draw inspiration from each other and see more clearly where we might find our particular fit.  

You have a unique gift for responding meaningfully to what everyone is sharing and making seamless connections among people who have never met before and who have lived completely different lives.  It's pretty amazing and, surprisingly, a safe space, and I felt heard and lifted and encouraged.”  — Lisa Harris

“I enjoyed the layout and diversity of the class. The exercises were helpful, as they helped to build upon the concepts that you shared. I also appreciated that you gave/encouraged everyone to have an opportunity to speak. Thank you for your transparency in your writing journey. I think it helped ease the room and allowed us to feel comfortable with where we are. Great job and I would definitely recommend this class to others.”

Lekeisha Ford

"Words That Move was an excellent workshop. From week 1, I was in awe at the generosity of resources and activities offered to supplement our learning . Every subsequent week was equally robust - providing thought-provoking,  challenging activities, and prompts. GG was a knowledgeable and gracious facilitator and provided for a comfortable environment for us to work interactively and receive useful feedback. I can't wait to invest in her next workshop. "

Yolanda Bradley-Crocker

"I really enjoyed the writing prompts and the wisdom you share, you gave a lot of great resources that I know I will put to use. I attended one of your writing workshops in DC last year, which was great and I definitely like having a space to sit and share with others and look forward to future writing workshops you may have.

Overall this workshop help me to expand my knowledge on writing as a form of self-care, this is definitely an added component to my spiritual and writing practice, it's a more intentional effort to receive meaning and hidden wisdom through personal reflection. I know this is something that I will always have in my self-care tool box. I'm glad I took the time to invest in myself with this workshop, much gratitude!"

Andrea Richard

"First, I want to thank you for putting this beautiful course together. What I loved the most is your focus on writing as self-care and as a spiritual practice. This has really resonated with me as I've always felt the most connected to God whenever I would sit down to write. And writing was always a cathartic experience for me.

On top of the many writing tips you've provided, the one thing I have taken away from this course is process journaling. I've rarely reflect on my writings. Keeping a process journal is something new that I would like to try.

I also appreciate the work that you have done with all the other writing courses you have offered. It is very hard to find online resources and courses for writers who blog. Let alone, from people you feel you can connect to."

Anekia Nicole

"Words that Move is a great course. GG Renee put a lot of work, insight, and care into it. I looked forward to the weekly emails because the subjects and messages were right on time and spoke to my soul. The fellow writers were great also. I so loved the office hour calls, audios, and especially the workbooks. Everything resonated with me and I received so many ahas in writing and business. GG Renee epitomizes vulnerability and strength and has created a space that allows others to tap deep into their unique style of self expression. I've always wanted to take a GG Renee course since I have been following her and now that I have, I am glad I did. A wonderful experience." 

Sharisa T. Robertson

"I am so so so glad I took your workshop!  I’ve invested in my fair share of courses and such that have benefited me in other areas of my life. They’ve been engaging and all, but none of them have made my heart as full as your workshop has!  Writing has always been a necessity in my life, but I lost my writing voice while on my journey to develop myself as a brand and trying to figure out all of this technical blogging business mumbo jumbo.  It literally, physically hurt me to not be able to write how I used to. Writer’s block was not only frustrating, but I felt empty and lost. Almost as if I truly did lose all ways of communicating.  There were things I wanted to get out of my system but didn’t know how to anymore, and it left me feeling mentally and spiritually clogged up.  But you are the glamorous and nurturing Drain-O to my nasty stubborn hairball!

You not only helped me embrace that I am indeed a writer (important for anyone who struggles with calling themselves this), but all of your practices within each workbook REALLY got the juices flowing for me!  Can I say that I’m actually overwhelmed in the best way possible with all the ways I can get things out of my system? I have SO many things to turn to when I want to write, and they’re absolutely appreciated to the fullest.  It actually makes me wanna find more time and things to write about just so I can do as many of the practices as possible!"

Cierra Mercier

"Words That Move helped me to reconnect with the part of me that had the initial urge to write and share my voice and perspective. As a result of Words That Move, I can’t stop writing. When I sit down to write my thoughts flow freely. I no longer find myself judging my words and my ideas. I am writing down my thoughts again simply because they are mine. I enjoyed the community of the Facebook group, and I liked the weekly audio lessons. I would listen to the audio lessons on the go and after the lesson was over I would still be thinking about writing. The workbooks are visually pleasing. The exercises are inspiring and thought provoking. I like the quotes about writing that are before each lesson. I would recommend Words That Move to people who need inspiration to free the writer in them. I think that anyone who loves to write and to discuss the writing life would enjoy this course."

Ilea Eckhardt

"The Words That Move Workshop revived & enhanced my writing practice. While I still need to be more intentional about writing every day, my writing practice was enhanced by causing my imagination to be awoken & stretched by the prompts! Also, I want to write more prose: essays, short stories & maybe even a novel because of the examples & feedback from others in our group!  I would recommend this writing course to anyone who: wants to explore their writing voice, wants to remove writing under pressure/perception of others to gauge your authenticity & for those who enjoy interactive writing communities! 

The course helped me want to write differently. Some of the prompts were given as one word & we were to run with it - those exercises helped me to write outside of my norm.  My favorite part of the course was the built in aspect of the workshop's community. I loved the capability to reach out and read others' work as they were being stretched, just as much as I was. The chats/Q&As were also great!"  

De'Nita Moss

"At first I was unsure about taking this course, for years I struggled with being honest with myself. I was always the girl who played by the rules and did what everyone ask. I was this person for so long that I truly did not know how to live for myself. January 2014 my life changed with the birth of my daughter. She gave me so much strength and made me a strong woman. After her birth I have been on a personal journey, transitioning from girl who wanted others approval to the woman who is carving her own path. This course has made me ask questions and dig deep for those answers. Some days being honest with myself brought me to tears. But I am loving this person I am becoming. Thank you for allowing me to continue on this positive journey."

Bee Edwards

"I truly enjoyed soulful writing with GG. I feel so much love and gratitude for her. She is talented, generous, and a rich resource! In surfing the web you never really know what you'll get and I feel so blessed that I took a little risk to experience GG & her magical writing ways. I felt comfortable, understood, and supported throughout. She affirmed my gifts and strengthened my weaknesses. I feel more enlightened about the writing process and have all the tools I need to move forward in my writing goals. As a result, my writing is getting published and it's a lot easier for me to just flow and get my vision on paper. I look forward to working with her again soon!" 

Nawala Thule Gani

"I have found the experience extremely valuable. I am more aware of how I structure my posts and the fact that I leave so much of “me” out of my writing. This is something I will be conscious of and your feedback about writing as though I’m speaking with a friend is great. I now ask myself, if I was having this conversation with a friend, what else would I say, and how would I say it. In summary, I loved it and I’m truly grateful for the experience and your feedback." 

Leanne Lindsey

"Speaking with GG was nothing short of amazing. As a Financial Planner, explaining complicated money matters is not always easy. Working with GG helped me not only figure out ways to simplify the topics but come up with unique ways to explain it to my clients and readers."  

Mina Ennin Black