I write books that explore the joys and pains of womanhood, enlightenment, and self-exploration.  So far, I've written a free verse memoir about heartbreak and healing, a book of essays for quiet women who want to be heard, and a self-discovery workbook that inspires self-reflection and honest writing.   The PDF versions are available below by clicking on each title.  The print versions are available on Amazon.



The Beautiful Disruption is a vivid and inspiring work of lyricism and emotion that uniquely sheds light on the processes of struggle and self-discovery.  The book explores the dynamics of family mental illness, self-prophecy and transformation through the lens of a heartbroken woman.  GG wrote this book to put a poetic frame around her own inner conflicts and to encourage women to embrace what they have been through and live their stories with their eyes and hearts wide open. 

Wallflower is a book of essays for women who have gone through life thinking that something is wrong with them because they are introverted and reflective in nature. From shy beginnings and limiting beliefs to anxiety and the awkwardness of self-promotion, I offer advice to women who want to express themselves creatively but are afraid to draw attention to themselves and be vulnerable.

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The Writing the Layers workbook will help you explore the layers of your life. It's a writing guide for self-discovery and personal growth, deeper awareness and focus. Through personal insights, creative exercises, writing prompts and coloring pages, the Writing the Layers workbook will become a treasured part of your purpose journey.