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How do you use your strengths and struggles to help people?

It may not be obvious to you, in the same way that something sitting under your nose isn't obvious to you.  It's right there but you can't see it. 

In my book Wallflower, I talk about how I ask people what keeps them up at night. I used this as an icebreaker when I had client meetings back in the day.  I worked in finance, but I wasn't interested in it, so in between business discussions when small talk kicked in, instead of weather and politics, I'd ask life questions.  

Upon meeting you for the first time, I might ask what you what you dreamed to become as a child or what's your biggest life lesson and why.  This has earned me plenty of funny looks over the years and still, despite the chance of rejection, I can't help but seek out the stories and layers.   My sensitivity, which I once saw as a weakness, is actually a strength, a superpower that allows me to help others self-reflect.  

I've always been tuned into the emotional currents around me and I have a curiosity for how people see the world + what makes them do what they do.  I feel like my most authentic self when I am using my energy and influence to pull others into their higher selves.  Discovering this has been a life long process.  I became aware of it long before I began to value it and long before I started being intentional about it.  

How do you want to feel?

When I was reading Danielle Laporte's Fire Starter Sessions years ago, she asked "How do you want to feel?" and I struggled to describe it at the time.  I wasn't satisfied with saying I want to feel happy or peaceful or free.  I wanted to be able to describe the texture of the feeling.   Since then, I've made an effort to write down examples when I feel it.  The first time I hosted a writing workshop I was like wow, this is how I want to feel.  When I have a conversation with someone about spirituality and creativity, I know I want more of these conversations.  When I speak my truth and express myself, I feel uplifted, and I'm endlessly passionate about creating more and more opportunities to help others feel inspired and uplifted too. 

This is why my writing hobby turned into a blog which turned into a creative platform with books, courses and workshops.  Because I found the work that compels me to face my fears, invest in myself and use my strengths and struggles to help people.

Maybe it’s that thing you love, that you could talk about all day.  Or that story inside that you rarely tell. There’s an audience for it.  There are ways you can use it to bring more meaning into your life and the lives of others.   You were put here with your unique perspective and your gifts at this time in the world for a reason. You have a message the world needs.  

In my new writing intensive, Inspirational Storytelling, I will be working with small groups of women who want to start using their strengths and struggles to build a creative platform that helps people. 

In the three-hour online session, together we will complete six worksheets that explore the following steps of creative self-discovery. By exploring these steps in a workshop environment, with prompts and guidance from me and feedback from peers, you will make progress on the work that has been calling to you.

Struggle.  What have you been through that you gives you a unique perspective and an ability to help others?
Story.   How have your ups and downs, wins and losses shaped your life?
Vehicle.  What is your favorite way to communicate? How can you use this form of communication to share your story?
Audience.  What types of people do you connect with most naturally, with the least amount of effort or anxiety?
Platform.  How can they find you? Where do you position your work?
Purpose.   What happens when you live out the story your heart wants to tell?

This is a great opportunity to benefit from my experience as a blogger, inspirational storyteller, author, and workshop leader as you will be able to pick my brain and receive specific guidance on your creative pursuits.

Here's how it works:

+ Reserve your spot for $99 and choose an available session.  You will be prompted to choose a session which will take place online via my Zoom channel. All you need is a computer, earphones and email address to participate.

+  Once you are registered, you will immediately receive a digital copy of my book, Wallflower, which will be helpful to read before your session. In the confirmation email, I’ve highlighted specific sections to focus on.

+ In addition to the course materials and the three hour session, participants will receive an invitation to my private writing and self-discovery group.

If you have any questions, email me at

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