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Your life is full of creative material. Maybe it’s that hobby you love, that you could talk about all day. Perhaps it's a process or practice you’ve mastered or a story inside that you are aching to tell.

There people our there who could benefit from your experiences and the lessons you've learned. You have your unique perspective and your gifts at this time in the world for a reason.

You have a message the world needs.


After 12 years of working in Corporate America, I found the work that inspired me to face my fears, invest in myself and use my strengths and struggles to help people.

It had been there under my nose all along.

I turned my writing hobby into a blog that evolved into a creative platform with books, courses and workshops. Since then, I've self-published a free verse memoir about heartbreak and healing, a book of essays for quiet women who want to be heard and a self-discovery workbook that inspires self-reflection and personal growth.

I've always been tuned into the emotional currents around me and I have a curiosity for how people see the world + what makes them do what they do.

I feel like my most authentic self when I am using my energy and influence to pull others into their higher selves. Discovering this has been a life long process. I became aware of it long before I began to value it and long before I started being intentional about it.

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By exploring these steps in a workshop environment, with prompts and guidance from me and feedback from peers, you will make progress on the work that has been calling to you.

Struggle. What have you been through/what have you learned that you gives you a unique perspective and an ability to help others?
Story. How have your ups and downs, wins and losses shaped your life?
Vehicle. What is your favorite way to communicate? How can you use this form of communication to share your story?
Audience. What types of people do you connect with most naturally, with the least amount of effort or anxiety?
Platform. How can your people find you? Where do you position your work?
Purpose. What happens when you live out the story your heart wants to tell?

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This is an online interactive experience that combines the benefits of a writing workshop and a group coaching session. You will be reading your work aloud and receiving feedback from me and the other participants. All you need is a computer, earphones and email address to participate. Using Zoom videoconferencing, you will work face to face with no more than six other writers.

The workshop environment is a sweet spot between private and public writing because it helps us get over the self-consciousness + build confidence in a safe space.

Together we will complete writing exercises based on the six aspects of creative self-discovery listed above, so you can gain the clarity you need to develop a platform for the stories you want to tell.

“The Inspirational Storytelling' intensive appealed to me as soon as I read about it. Despite a significant time difference and the event being at the end of a 4 day long retreat that I was going to be at, I was incredibly excited to be a part of it. Having followed GG's work on Instagram and through her newsletter, I knew that my deep desire to find that vein of gold in my writing and speak my truth would find an opening during the intensive. Thanks to GG's gentle facilitation and strong core of integrity as well as the wonderful and passionate group of women who were part of the intensive, I have come away invigorated by a sense of immense possibility and openness to my own well of creativity. My gratitude to you!” — Sridevi Padmanabhan

“This online video format is such a good idea; everyone can be comfortable at home and still participate effectively. I was struck by some of the common themes in what we were all sharing and by the fact that we would all treat those commonalities so differently in our own individual stories.  It reinforced that there is space and audience for all of our stories and that there is value in what we have to share.  It also showed the necessity of community among writers - we were able to draw inspiration from each other and see more clearly where we might find our particular fit.  

You have a unique gift for responding meaningfully to what everyone is sharing and making seamless connections among people who have never met before and who have lived completely different lives.  It's pretty amazing and, surprisingly, a safe space, and I felt heard and lifted and encouraged.”  — Lisa Harris

“Thank you for facilitating such an engaging  & rich conversation. I truly enjoyed connecting with like-minded woman and learning specific techniques to gather & curate my stories. Engaging in this conversation was therapeutic,  and an excellent reminder of "you are not alone". I feel more equipped on my story telling journey. I had many takeaways, one of the most impactful was how I approach how I choose to serve in the writing space. I've been so attached to it looking a certain way, that I didn't consider operating from the place in which I am already serving.  I didn't consider what I already do for my friends and family as serving.   Thank you again for showing up, your sincerity is felt through the computer screen.” — Chris DuVall

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There are no refunds, however if you register and can't attend for some reason, you can apply your investment to another course or workshop.

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In this video, I talk about my new Inspirational Storytelling Writing Intensive and the importance of being creative and expressive with your story.