WALLFLOWER 2nd Edition (PDF version)

WALLFLOWER 2nd Edition (PDF version)


When you are quiet and reflective, someone who feels deeply and keeps the most unique layers of your personality hidden away, it takes a concerted effort to listen to that small voice inside that nudges you to speak up and be seen.  By denying this nudge, you are keeping a secret from the world that you were born to tell.  This secret is part of your journey: learning to trust the small voice, be honest about who you are and expand into everything you can be.

Wallflower is a collection of short essays for quiet women who want to be heard and all women who have silenced parts of themselves to be accepted. Through personal stories and creative inspiration, this second edition explores shyness, sensitivity, voice and courage and includes new insights on space, solitude, authenticity and mindfulness. This edition also includes a 16-page writing guide at the end. For paperback copies, please Order on Amazon.com.

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“I received my copy of WallFlower 2 days ago, I was so thrilled!! I have read and re-read so many of the pieces already, and I just cannot believe how deeply I relate to, and connect with the words that you have blessed me with to describe myself, my feelings, my challenges in social settings, etc! I am just speechless and thankful that you have allowed God to use you in this way.” - Delanea D. Davis