Writing the Layers (PDF Version)

Writing the Layers (PDF Version)


"I’m enough. I only want to be more of myself. I want to see the things that are tucked away, hiding in my blind spots. I want to see what I’m keeping from myself, what I’m ignoring, what I’m not valuing. I want to explore more of my curiosities and ideas. I want to be more resourceful and innovative. I want to expand my comfort zone and stretch more into my growth zone, to the parts of me that I’ve seen and felt and flirted with but never gone all the way." - excerpt from Writing the Layers

GG Renee created Writing the Layers to help you explore the layers of your life. It's a writing guide for self-discovery and personal growth, deeper awareness and focus. Through personal insights, creative exercises, writing prompts and coloring pages, the Writing the Layers workbook will become a treasured part of your creative self-care practice.


"If your life seems out of sorts and you're blocked energetically, GG's beautiful workbook will help you face yourself in a way that is unique and cathartic. The writing prompts can be a bit heavy, but she helps you face those places in yourself that we overlook or tuck away because sometimes it's too difficult to look at them. However, she softens the experience by providing exceptional writings in her beautiful and fragrant tone. She also punctuates the heaviness with timely quotes. One of my favorite aspects of the workbook is the breathing and meditative space in the form of beautiful mandalas for coloring! This isn't a book you work through in a weekend. It's a self-care manual that you can go to when it's time to face your own music and write the layers." - M. Jenifer

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